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Volunteer and friend at the creek

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Compeer. Since 1973, we have matched countless volunteers from our community to clients that have a mental health diagnosis. The goal of our match program is to provide support and help clients develop personal skills.

volunteers stopping for photo at event

What does it take to be a Compeer volunteer?

If you know how to be a good friend, that is the primary quality we look for. Once you decide to become a volunteer, we begin our screening process to ensure that we provide the best possible matches for you. Typically, the screening process takes 4-6 weeks.

Volunteers can take on a variety of roles including one-to-one friends, office volunteers as well as activity volunteers – whatever fits best at this moment of time for you.

We encourage you to look at the Volunteer Roles so you can learn more about the opportunities available when you choose to join the Compeer family of volunteers.

Being a volunteer means being a friend and a confidant making someone’s day brighter.

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