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Volunteer Application

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Dear Prospective Compeer Volunteer, 


Thank you for your interest in joining the Compeer Buffalo volunteer team. Our program provides an extra layer of support for individuals receiving mental health treatment. We believe that our volunteers, through the healing power of friendship, contribute to the mental well-being of those we serve. Volunteers become friends and mentors in either a 1-to-1 or group setting. 


Below you will find the general volunteer eligibility requirements, a list of responsibilities for all parties to agree upon, and the volunteer application. Please set aside approximately 20 minutes of time to complete the application. To start your journey with Compeer we ask you to identify all areas of interest and we will work together to select one role in order to proceed with screening.


Once the application is received and processed by our team, we will follow up with you to discuss any questions regarding your interests, to verify information provided on the application, and move you forward to the next step. The initial outreach will be communicated to you by email/phone within 2 weeks of receipt of this application. Neither the application, nor the subsequent interview, obligates either you to accept, or Compeer to invite you to join the volunteer team. All information provided on this application is confidential. 


The volunteer screening process takes approximately 30 days to complete. Once fully vetted, you will receive a response from Compeer regarding your eligibility to join the volunteer team. Once approved, if proceeding to the match process to work with a specific client, it will take approximately 30 days before you meet your new friend for the first time. 

Eligibility Requirements

Prospective Volunteer:

  • –    Minimum age of 18.
  • –    Complete a full background check (Criminal History Check- local police and fingerprint; Child Abuse Registry, National Sex Offender Registry) facilitated by Compeer.
  • –    Complete an in person, phone, or virtual interview.
  • –    Provide contact information for three individuals who will serve as a reference.
  • –    Complete an in person or virtual volunteer applicant orientation.
  • –    1-to-1 Mentor requires a driver’s license and vehicle, as you often transport your friend.
  • –    1-to-1 Mentor and Phone Buddies require 1 year commitment.


Responsibilities of Approved Volunteer

  • •    Submit monthly updates to Compeer.
  • •    Submit updated driver’s license and proof of auto insurance as required.
  • •    Completes the annual program survey for each year you are involved as a volunteer.
  • •    Have fun! 

Responsibilities of Compeer

  • •    Will recruit, interview, screen and provide training to volunteers before they are accepted into the program.
  • •    Will give ongoing support and training to all volunteers matched with a client.
  • •    Will monitor the volunteer and client relationship via phone/email and monthly update forms.
  • •    Will get to know the volunteer to present best match options to applicants interested in working with a client.

Ready to start your volunteer journey?

Compeer volunteers not only bring a feeling of friendship, but also bring a sense of hope, optimism and inclusion.

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