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Katie Walsh, MSW
Director of Mental Health Education

Katie Walsh, MSW

(716) 883-3331 ext.307

  •  Most likely to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy in no specific order.
  •  Most likely to be found roaming the aisles of Target without the intent of buying anything.
  •  Most likely to spend time with family, especially her baby niece.

“As a recent graduate from Daemen College Master’s of Social Work Program, I am thrilled to be joining the Compeer team! Working with youth in our community gives me the opportunity to not only do what I love, but also to create equal opportunity

for the individuals that Compeer serves, to change their lives.

My experiences in community outreach and advocacy, working with youth and families with mental health challenges and life-threatening medical conditions, and group and event coordination will assist me in being successful in the role of Youth Engagement Coordinator at Compeer to continue to achieve the healing power of friendship! I already see the positive impact Compeer’s mission has on youth, adults, families, and veterans.

I am eager to be apart of the change, hope, and friendship that comes with working with an incredible organization, as it strengthens our ability to eliminate the silence surrounding mental health, and ultimately strengthening our community as a whole!”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi