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Cynthia Dorman
CFO, Compeer Buffalo and International

Cynthia Dorman

716-883-3331 ext.320

  • Most likely to have the most job titles (Human Resources. Accounting, Office Manager, etc), and perform each with excellence
  • Most likely to be the best Zumba dancer among the staff
  • Most likely to always have the bills paid and best organized record keeping

“I love working at Compeer because working at Compeer has been a rewarding experience! The combination of the people and the mission, creates a work environment that is powerful and transforming; not only for our volunteers and clients but for the staff, as well.

I am passionate about the work we do because friendship matters!

To see a person live a better life because they now have a friend who they can spend quality time with is truly incredible.

I know I am making a difference in our community by ministering to the needs of others, being a good listener, showing compassion and encouraging individuals to never give up on there dreams.”