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  • Most likely to be able to identify and properly respond to a youth in crisis.
  • Best Basket raffle assembly extraordinaire
  • Most likely to have the biggest essential oils collection.

“I truly love working at Compeer. We have a great team that works very well together. I love conducting the trainings to help the community learn about what Youth Mental Health First Aid is about. We talk about how to recognize when a young person is going through a crisis, and how to approach them, talk to them and guide them to the best supports for them at the time. I am a mom of three kids, so I know how hard it can be as a parent, and how hard life can be for a kid going through ‘stuff’, as well. Trust me, I understand a lot, and can relate to a lot, especially with teenage children.

It’s great working for essentially, a friendship agency. I have made friends by working here. I trained for Compeer in prior years, and loved coming back to be a part of the team here, once again. If you are interested in learning more about the training, please do contact me! I love talking to people, and talking about our Compeer mission.”


Alana Holm
Community Engagement Coordinator

Alana Holm

716-883-3331 ext.309